Parupaint is my oekaki-applet inspired drawing program! I started working on it in 2012 after growing frustrated with the lack of programs that, first of all, had proper frame-by-frame animation support and second of all, had good collaborative features over the internet.

I designed it to be a light, straightforward and portable program, not only with the single executable file, but also with the interface. There are very few buttons to press on, as i think that it breaks your workflow when using a tablet. As a result, hotkeys are a main focus, and while there may be a learning curve it will help you work very efficiently. The brushes, patterns and interface style are all inspired from oekaki applets.

Parupaint has simple animation support that takes layers one step further by basing them on frames. In the world of expensive, complex and foreign animation programs, i believe that this simple system fills a void - a program that lets you quickly get up and animate frame by frame without any previous experience. An mspaint for animations, if you will.

And as a fan of collaboration over the internet, Parupaint is based on a server/client model that allows you to draw with others. It uses the websocket technology which allows people to join in and draw through, for example, a web browser if they can't run the application. Parupaint at school, anyone?

The latest release, with downloads, can be found here:


Background screenshot

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